In compliance with the national (Law Decree June 30, 2003 n. 196, Code for the protection of personal information) and EU legal requirements, (General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016, GDPR) and subsequent amendments, this website respects and safeguards the privacy of the users, making any possible and proportional efforts not to harm the users’ rights. 

This privacy policy is applicable only to the website online activity and to its visitors/users. The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide the highest transparency for the data the website collects and how it uses them.

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Data treatment legal bases

This website treats information based on consent. By using and consulting this website, the visitors and users explicitly approve this privacy notice and agree to the treatment of their personal information in relation to the procedures and the purposes described below, including the possible sharing of the data with third parties if needed for providing a service.

Providing data and therefore agreeing to their collection and treatment is optional. The User may not agree or may revoke at any time a consent already given (through the link Contacts at the bottom of the page). However, if the User does not give his/her consent may not receive some services and the website navigation may be affected.

In compliance with the “General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016,” this website will treat some data based on the legitimate interests of the treatment owner.

Data collected and purpose

Like all websites, this website also uses log files to keep information automatically collected during the users’ visits. The information collected could be the following:

The data above are treated automatically and collected only in aggregation in order to verify the proper operation of the website, and for safety reasons (starting on May 25, 2018 those data will be treated based on the owner’s legitimate interests).

For safety reasons (antispam filters, firewall, antivirus software), the data automatically recorded may eventually include also personal information such as the IP address, which could be used, under the applicable current laws, in order to block harmful attacks against the website or other users, or in any case malicious or illegal activities. Those data are never used to identify or profile the user, but only to protect the website and its users (starting on May 25, 2018 those data will be treated based on the owner’s legitimate interests).


If the website allows comments, or in case of specific services requested by the user, the website automatically detects and records some user’s ID data, including the email address. Those data are intended as voluntarily provided by the client when he/she requests the service.  By adding a comment or other information, the user expressly accepts the privacy policy and specifically agrees that the contents added can also be freely shared with third parties. The information received will only be used for the duration required for the provision of the service.

The data the website users want to make public through the services and tools made available to them, are provided by the user knowingly and intentionally, and this website will not be responsible for any violation of the laws. The user has the responsibility to verify that he/she has the authorization for entering personal information of third parties or contents protected by national and international laws. 

The data collected by the website during its operation are only used for the purposes above and stored only for the duration strictly necessary for the specified activities. In any case, the data detected by the website will never be shared with third parties, for any reason, unless there is a legitimate request by the judicial authorities and only as provided by law. The data used for safety reasons (stopping harmful attacks against the website) are stored for 30 days.

Treatment location

The data collected by the website are treated at the Treatment Owner’s site and the data centers located in Italy. Both the site and the data centers are within the European Economic Area in compliance with the European regulations.

The data are transferred outside the EEA (European Economic Area) only at the user’s request, (ex. Analytics services)

Cookie Policy

Like all websites, this website also uses cookies, small text files allowing to store information on the users’ preferences, in order to improve the website functions, make its navigation easier with automatic procedures (ex. Login, website language) and for the analysis of the website use.

Session cookies are key for differentiating between the users connected, and can help ensuring that a function requested is provided to the right user, as well as safety reasons for preventing cyberattacks against the website.

Session cookies do not contain personal information and are kept just for that session, i.e. until the browser is closed. Those cookies do not require a consent.

Functionality cookies used by the website are strictly necessary for the use of the website, they are specifically associated to a user’s express function request (like the Login), and do not require a consent.

By using the website, the visitor expressly consent to the use of cookies.

Third party cookies

This website also operates as an intermediary for third party cookies, used in order to provide additional services and functions to the visitors and improve the use of the website, such as buttons for social media, or videos. This website does not have any control on third party cookies, which are entirely managed by the third parties. Therefore, the information on the use of those cookies and their purpose, and the procedure for disabling them, are provided directly by the third parties at the pages listed below.

Specifically, this website uses cookies of the following third parties:

Additional information of Google Analytics cookies are available on the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.

The user may selectively disable the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing on his/her browser the specific component provided by Google (opt out).

cookie: test is not a permanent cookie, but it is used to verify if the user’s browser supports cookies.

For additional information on data use and treatment by Google, please review the information on the related page setup by Google, and on the Page related to the Procedures for the use of data by Google when using partners’ websites or apps.

Social Network Plugins

This website also includes plugins and/or buttons for social networks, in order to allow you to easily share contents on your preferred social networks. As configured, those plugins do not setup cookies at login, in order to protect the users’ privacy. Eventually the cookies are setup, if required by the social networks, only when the user actually uses the plugin intentionally.  Please note that if the user navigates while logged in the social network, he/she has already agreed with the use of cookies transmitted through this website at the time of registration to the social network.

The collection and use of the information obtained through the plugin are regulated by the respective privacy policies of the social networks. Please see the respective privacy policies.

Button I Like and services of Facebook, Inc.: The button “I like” and services of Facebook are necessary for the interaction with the social network Facebook and are provided by Facebook, Inc.

Policy link and treatment location: Privacy Policy

Button tweet and services of Twitter, Inc.: The button “Tweet” and the associated services are necessary for the interaction with the social network Twitter and are provided by Twitter, Inc.

Policy link and treatment location: Privacy Policy

Google Analytics and services of Google Inc.: Google Analytics services are necessary for the collection of data for statistical purposes.

Policy link and location treatment: Privacy Policy

Disabling cookies

Cookies are associated with the browser used and CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER, refusing/revoking, therefore, the consent to the use of cookies. Please keep in mind that disabling the cookies may affect the use of some website functions.

How to disable third party cookies

Google Services



How to disable cookies using the browser configuration

In order to disable the primary website and third party cookies please follow the instructions below for disabling in the most popular browsers:

Chrome visit the dedicated page.

Mozilla Firefox visit the dedicated page.

Internet Explorer visit the dedicated page.

Safari for Mac visit the dedicated page.

Safari iOS (mobile devices) visit the dedicated page.

Opera visit the dedicated page.

For additional information, please visit the dedicated page.

Transfer of data outside the EU 

This website could share some data collected with services located outside the European Union. Specifically, with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) through social plugins and Google Analytics. The transfer is authorized based on specific decisions of the European Union and the Data Protection Guarantor,  specifically the decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield – page of the Italian Guarantor information), therefore, no additional consent is needed. The companies above guarantee their compliance with the Privacy Shield.

Safety measures

This website treats users’ data properly and according to the law, adopting all necessary measures to avoid unauthorized access, distribution, change or destruction of data. The treatment is performed through computerized and/or telematic tools, with organizational procedures and logics strictly related to the purposes indicated. In some cases, in addition to the owner, operators involved in the website organization (administrative staff, lawyers, system administrators) or outside operators (like providers of third party technical services, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication companies) may have access to the data.

User’s rights

Under the European regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and the national regulation, the User may, according to the procedures and within the limits specified by the current laws, exercise the following rights:

The requests must be sent to the Treatment Owner.

In case the data are treated based on the legitimate interests, the rights of the parties involved in the treatment are in any case ensured (except for the portability right not provided for in the law), specifically the right of objection to the data processing which can be exercised by sending a request to the data treatment owner.

Data treatment owner

The Data treatment owner under the current law is 

LuovoDiColombo A.P.S. ONLUS with headquarters in Via Montemagno n° 29 -10132 Turin – tel. 011 18837006, e-mail (hereinafter the Owner)

Data treatment supervisor

The web hosting Siteground is appointed as data treatment supervisor, and processes the data on behalf of the owner. Siteground operates in compliance with the European regulations.

Google is designated as data treatment supervisor, and processes the data on behalf of the owner (Google Analytics).

Updates and amendments

This privacy policy was updated on October 30, 2020.

The Owner may amend or simply update this website Privacy Policy, fully or in part, also following changes in the laws and regulations governing this matter and protecting your rights. Those Privacy Policy changes and updates will be notified to the users in the website homepage. Please visit frequently this section to view the latest and updated version of this Privacy Policy so that you can always be up to date on the information we collect and how we use them.

You can view this page using the link at the bottom of all the website pages, under Art. 122 Section 2 of the law decree 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures for the policy and the acquisition of the consent to the use of cookies published by the Official Gazette N. 126 of June 3, 2014 and the related register of provisions N. 229 of May 8, 2014.